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director of photography
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     Tony Flanagan, Director of Photography, started Rhapsody Productions in Boston in 1994 to help broadcasters and clients tell their stories through unique images. We at Rhapsody respect the power of the moving image and we adapt to each project to best tell your particular story. We push ourselves to find the most memorable image, which is often not the most obvious one.


     We recognize how fortunate we are to work in production.  For many of the subjects whose stories we document this is their first and only experience in TV, so we want them to share in the wonder of the process too.  Our goal is to create a comfortable environment for every contributor to be their best.


     The company is named for Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” because, like a musical rhapsody, we use varied techniques and styles to achieve emotional results. And as our business often demands, we use our improvisational skills to devise unique approaches on the fly in whatever the given location or situation. Whatever it takes to transform your story into a powerful message for the screen.


     While all the work on this site was shot by Tony Flanagan, we work with a large pool of shooters, sound recordists, gaffers, grips and diverse crew members as well as various camera formats and equipment to fit the specific needs of your project. We can help develop your ideas into a compelling project whether you arrive with just a whim of an idea or a ready-to-shoot storyboard. We even advise clients when we think their project is better served by not shooting video at all.


     We shoot documentaries, sports, branded content, entertainment, features, commercials, corporate programs and projects that defy categorization.  We embrace pushing the boundaries on every project.  Though we venture to tell impactful stories, we always respect, and hope to share, how much fun this process is.



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